27 June 2021 Mickael Marciano
Summer 2021
JENKELL BECOMES JENK. Better known as Laurence Jenkell, in 2020 the artist changes her signature to a shorter and more modern name: JENK. In honor to this new start, The Marciano Contemporary Galleries showcase the artists’ new creations within these galleries.
JENK was born in Bourges in 1965. Her artistic career, far from the traditional paths, is illustrated by its singularity. The requirements of a first marriage seemed to constrain her access to any creative process. Until the day when, in the secret of her kitchen, during a silent tête-à-tête with her domestic oven, she makes melted candy dough. This chance encounter is a rebirth. Stemming from old frustrations, deprivation and alienation, candies become the vector of her liberation. 
As an autodidact, JENK will thus elaborate the concept of wrapping. This formal twist of the material is embodied as the formal expression of suffering. By its elaboration, the artist exorcises her demons. Neutralized by the sweetness of the subject, the candy becomes the allegory of a revenge. Formerly synonymous with frustration, it is now the materialization of her liberation. By means of her creation, the artist works at her reconstruction, at her own invention. 
“The candy is inseparable from my work, it is and will remain my favorite subject, and the twist my source of inspiration”.
Wrapping Bonbon Transparent Feuilles de Cuivre (copper sheets), 2020
Plexiglass (23 cm)
Wrapping Bonbon Collector red (red collector), 2020
Plexiglass (23 cm)
Wrapping Bonbon mauve inclusion Argent (purple inclusion silver), 2020
Plexiglass (46 cm)
Wrapping Bonbon noir mat (transparent matte black), 2020
Plexiglass (41 cm)
Wrapping Bonbon bleu multicolore rouge jaune vert, 2020
Plexiglass (79 cm)
Wrapping Bonbon orange, 2021
Plexiglass (82 cm)