27 June 2021 Mickael Marciano
Summer 2021
Marciano Contemporary Paris is pleased to announce Franck Kuman’s exhibition, Metamorphosis. This is Kuman’s first collaboration with the gallery.
The works on display will highlight the French artist’s deep-rooted interest in the relationship between sculpture and human perception.
Kuman’s understanding of the potential of materials such as mirror polished stainless steel, iron wire mesh, bronze and fine gold allows him to expand visual and physical fields of perception, and his sculptures to surpass traditional bounds of the medium.
‘Metamorphosis’ transcends the boundaries between reality and fiction by creating immersive experience through the personal trauma of the artist.
His sculptures are simultaneously entering into the three-dimensional realm and physical space of the viewer.
Franck Kuman is a French artist who initiated himself as an autodidact in Design as well as in sculpture. An inspiration without borders, driven by a passion for immaculate lines, has been at the service of his creations for nearly 26 years. Kuman’s achievements are further characterized by the sensual and modern use of mirror polished or hammered stainless steel, iron mesh and bronze. Although made of heavy materials, the characters represented by the artist stand out for their lightness. Aerial, they seem to float. These androgynous figures play with the spatiality they invest. Sometimes linked, often fragmented, these delicate characters are presented to us by the languor of their gestures. Witnesses to a real sensitivity, Kuman’s sculptures also represent a much more personal story … His art is revealed through the painful trials of his life. He expresses all his contained suffering, his hopes, his strength, and his determination. Catharsis of modern times, he thus draws a world where art is the captain of its destiny and in which his soul is master.
Amen , 2020
Mirror polished inox and mesh  (54 x 53 x 43 cm)
L’inconnu, 2020
Mirror polished inox and mesh (140 x 64 x 67 cm)
Messager, 2021
Bronze (70 x 50 x 18 cm)
Une main tendue, 2020
Mirror polished inox and mesh (170 x 116 x 63 cm)
Generosity, 2021
Bronze (53 x 43 x 35 cm)