28 June 2021 Mickael Marciano
Summer 2021
Didier CHAMIZO is a French painter from the Lot. Born in Cahors in 1951, he left his native town for Saint-Etienne, where he became a factory worker.
68′ at heart, Chamizo has a particular link with this most eventful period. Animated by the proletarian revolt, he rebelled against society and its inequalities. Very committed, he devoted his youth to many libertarian fights. Following these events, after having rubbed shoulders with armed groups, he was judged and then imprisoned. This period will upset his life. In prison, Chamizo escaped by means of painting. It was a real encounter, an exutory. He then elaborates his first series which he will sarcastically title : Freedom.
A large majority of the paintings from this first artistic period were unfortunately destroyed by the painter himself. Considering that these 300 works were the result of a bourgeois life that he no longer tolerated, the young artist decided to burn them. Later, he would describe this act as a resurrection.
Les Femmes à Mossoul
Acrylic on canvas (162 x 130 cm)
Sergent Pepper
Acrylic on canvas (146 x 89 cm)
Plata o plomo Pablito
Acrylic on canvas (146 x 89 cm)
P for Poutine
Acrylic on canvas (146 x 89 cm)
Il va falloir y aller !
Acrylic on canvas (162 x 97 cm)
Acrylic on canvas (65 x 54 cm)
The king of the Rap East
Acrylic on canvas (100 x 81 cm)